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The luxurious and invigorating Caviar of Switzerland is a transformational product combining the highest quality ingredients with cutting-edge research. 

Our age-defying products are designed in the world famous Swiss Riviera, formulated by leading scientists known for their unparalleled research and development in cellular science.

Caviar of Switzerland is an exceptional collection of anti-aging skincare products that are enriched with essential amino acids, fatty omega acids, healing organic flower water, peptides, resveratrol and cutting-edge caviar extract.

Your skin will look visibly and dramatically improved – immediately, day after day, and year after year.

The highly potent skin care line has a remarkable ability to reverse the signs of aging and promote skin cell regeneration.

The caviar extract in Caviar of Switzerland is what makes the skin care line so remarkable.

The cell structure of caviar is very similar to the structure of human skin cells enabling the extract to deliver the highly potent caviar extract molecules to the deepest level of the skin and reverse the aging process.

The extract generates quality collagen and accelerates rejuvenation while diminishing fine lines and deep wrinkles.

CAVIAR OF SWITZERLAND follows high dermatological standards to deliver utmost quality: we use only selected active ingredients that have been carefully examined to be the highest standard in the market place. This highly potent skin care line has a remarkable ability to reverse the signs of aging and promote skin cell regeneration.

With the great help of PRINCE Michael Massalsky - one of the pioneers in the development of rare and luxurious STURGEON CAVIAR in beauty products - the Caviar of Switzerland has become a huge success.


Caviar of Switzerland was developed in Switzerland and is now available in the United States through salons, spas, medi-spas, estheticians and skin care professionals. The collection features 24h Regenerating Cream, Cellular Repair Serum and Intensive Eye Cream.


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24h Regenerating Cream

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Dramatic Transformation.


Cellular Repair Serum

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Double Lifting Effect.


Intensive Eye Cream

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Amazing Brightener






3-piece gift set of our Exceptional skincare collection: 24h Regenerating Cream + Cellular Repair Serum + Intensive Eye Cream