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3-piece gift set

3-piece gift set of our Exceptional skincare collection: 24h Regenerating Cream + Cellular Repair Serum + Intensive Eye Cream
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Set of 3 of Caviar of Switzerland in a gift box includes:

- 24h Regenerating Cream which dramatically improves elasticity, texture and skin tone, immediately adds a luminescent glow.

- Cellular Repair Serum - delivers crucial nutrients straight to the deepest cellular level of your skin; has strong healing and DNA abilities; creates a firmer lifted contour.

- An Intensive Eye Cream which diminishes dark circles and reduces puffiness, dramatically reduces age spots and sun damage, diminishes existing wrinkles and prevents new ones.

Perfect gift box for men or women. A gift bag is included.


Tuesday, 27 February 2018
Since I was fourteen years old I've had very large facial pores and continuous blackheads problems that would turn into breakouts that resulted in lengthy monthly facials with painful extractions. No skin care product could ever solve this problem, until I discovered Caviar by Switzerland a few years ago. My skin nature started changing once I started using the product - 24 hour Regenerating Cream, Cellular Repair Serum and Intensive Eye Cream. My pores drastically decreased in size and majority of my ongoing acne problems cleared out. As a result, my facials are painless! The skin on my face is lighter, smoother and younger looking, even though I'm aging, like the rest of us! I wish I knew of this product 2 decades earlier!
Jane H.
Thursday, 02 March 2017
I feel fantastic after using this cream. You get an immediate smoothing of the skin. After repeated use, two months or so - I notice almost sculptured quality to my skin. My favorite moisturizing cream so far!
Super User